Sunday, August 9, 2009


While enjoying a hot cup of coffee the other day (yes, one of those rare hot coffees!!) I reflected on the last 6 months of my journey with Tinysaur. I can remember being 12 weeks pregnant, and so excited about the little peanut growing inside me, I can remember the sleepless nights later on when I got huuuge, and I can remember (very well) the day my boobs first started to leak. In public. Downtown. With no spare change of clothes. I struggle to remember the labour. No, really, I do!!

And I miss being able to pass off my belly fat for a baby bump. Now I have to remember to hold it in, and fat sucker pants are my new best friends.

But the funny thing is that I can't ever remember what it was like now to be without a baby in tow.

Today she started saying 'Dadadada'. It was so cute. She is going well - enjoying trying different foods - her favourite is cooked peaches cut up, she loves her bathtime, and she loves the new cot mobile I got her. She is starting to cry if you take something off her, and will get very cranky if you are trying to dress her and she wants to wiggle around butt naked. Her favourite thing to do after we change her on the change table is to stand up and put her hand on the wall next to her hand print we have framed. She likes being tickled under the arms. She likes to grab you by the ears and pull you towards her and slobber all over your face.

Best of all? When she lifts her arms up to get lifted out of her cot.... Nawww....


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