Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This is me.

Ok, so since I last have posted, everything has seemed to go downhill. I have a daughter who no longer goes to sleep when placed in her cot, and screams if I put her back in her cot after a bottle during the night, AND has decided that 2am to 4am is perfect for playtime. So that leaves me utterly exhausted by 6:30am when it's time to get up and go off to work.

Before, she used to be in a routine (See my previous posts) but since her carer (MIL) refused to follow it, I've adapted to what the MIL has done - hoping that it would be easier. So I started cuddling her to go to sleep, and when she was asleep I'd put her in her cot (before I could put her in the cot while she was awake, and through CIO methods - adapted to suit me - she'd fall asleep). Now she wakes up the moment you put her down - no matter how floppy her limbs are (a sign she's completely out). And if she wakes up after I put her down after a night feed she'll scream until she VOMITS (yes, vomits!!!) so she gets picked up while I change her vomit-sprayed clothes and linen. Seriously - she can vomit a full 360 degrees!!

Now on the vomit issue - I have seen two very passionate arguments lined up. One is that you get the child out, comfort them, change them, change the bed and then put them back to sleep. The other is that you cover the vomit with a towel, change them (but only if necessary) and try to keep them in the cot. The ideas on these vary - one is that the child will learn how to vomit to hold you completely hostage to whatever they want to do. The other is that if your child is obviously that upset that they vomit, it's not a game they are playing and they are severely anxious.

But that leaves me nowhere. I cannot decide on what to do. Lately, I've just been holding her until I can get her back in her cot without waking her up. And if she cries, I grab her before she vomits.

So please- Mums and Dads out there - I need your help! I am in the process of trying to get her back into the old routine. I just need some encouraging words, or ANY thoughts or ideas you have. Or - if you KNOW what to do - please let me know! I am struggling to stay awake at work, my relationship with Daddysaur is non-existent and I am DESPERATE!!!


  1. That sounds exhausting! I'm not quite sure what your sleeping arrangements are like, but my suggestions are reading the No Cry Sleep Solution and Good Night Sleep Tight. Getting your LO to sleep can be tough (I've been there) and I hope you find something that works for you. Good luck!

  2. Oh, honey- I am so feeling your pain. I had a little monste..uh, darling who would n't sleep through the night until he was ...3 yrs old. Seriously.
    I could go on and on, but I'll give you two tricks to try out and see if you like 'em. Ok, 3.
    1. Always have a 'wubby'. A lovey blanket or toy that goes to sleep with them. Buy two so you can wash one. (My boys still have theirs, haha, and they are 13 and 10 respectively
    2. Never put a sleeping baby on cold sheets.
    3. Buy a battery operated swing.

    Enjoy. It's over so so so quick. <:..)

  3. Thankyou so much for your advice, ladies!!! I really appreciate it. I guess sometimes I'm just looking for someone to say "Oh, me too!!!" Parenthood can turn into such a competition - I am a lil sick of hearing about perfect babies who slept through from the first night home!!!
    Thanks Again!! xx