Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tinysaur sick again

My poor little Tinysaur seems to be sick so often - any Mum out there will know how hard it is when your bub's sick. I think the hardest part is that they can't tell you what they want, or where it hurts, or what makes them feel better.

Last Wednesday I picked Tinysaur up from her carer around lunchtime. She was rather grizzly (but then again, had been for the past week), and her left cheek was bright red. Presuming she was teething, I took her home, gave her Panadol and Bonjela and tried to soothe her. After struggling all afternoon to get her to have an afternoon nap, she finally fell asleep - hot, bothered and overtired at 10pm.

The next morning when she woke up she was NOT in a good mood - crying, clingy, grizzly - you name it!! I gave her some more Panadol, and decided to try to stay at home all day to give her time to relax. It was a good plan, until after her midday nap when I noticed the left side of her face was horribly swollen and had a hot lump in the middle of the swelling. I rang Daddysaur and he came home. We decided we would take her to the doctors that afternoon - so I rang up and booked the next available appointment at 4pm.

We waited agonisingly until 4pm - monitoring the lump, checking it's size. The doctor's surgery wasn't very busy so we went in with only a short wait in the waiting room. It seems my little Tinysaur has an infection in the glands in her neck - but the doctor was uncomfortable sending her home when the swelling was continuing and it could impede her breathing. So we got a Referral onto Accident and Emergency. So off we went.

Accident and Emergency were in peak-hour mode - shift changes, influx of half-dying people, etc but we were shown in to the triage nurse immediately. After taking down the details of the past few days, and checking out the lump she got a doctor in straight away. He wasn't concerned about the location of the lump, and suggested we go home with the Amoxycillin which he prescribed and wait it out.

That was nearly a week ago now. We've been back up to the hospital once since when I thought she was choking in her sleep, but they do not seem to be too concerned about it. The swelling has gone down substantially - but the hard hot lump is still there, despite the course of antibiotics Tinysaur is currently on. Tinysaur has also been on Panadol every day...

If the lump is still there tomorrow (exactly a week since it first arrived) I will re-book a consult with the doctor. The possibility is that the infected gunk won't come out by itself so it might need to be drained, or the first doctor we saw did say it could be some kind of genetic disease where the glands have problems. (?) I can't remember exactly what he called it, but because he was pretty sure it wasn't that he didn't touch to much on it.

Here's hoping it's gone by this week!


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