Sunday, December 27, 2009

Truth on Motherhood

I am surrounded by toys, dirty bottles, and the lounge cushions arranged into a tunnel. I am tired, un-showered, and cranky. Tinysaur was awake nearly all night (4th night in a row) and I am utterly exhausted. Utterly. Exhausted.

Tinysaur just having surrendered to the nasty enemy of sleep (according to her) I turned the TV on. And boy am I glad I did. Over here in Australia, Oprah's episode of the Truth on Motherhood was airing. Oh Wow. Today I felt so alone - my house looks like a bomb has hit it, I haven't washed my hair in 3 days, I haven't slept for longer than 4 hours in the last 4 nights, I let Tinysaur cry it out in the cot last night while I cried in my bed, and I haven't shaved my legs or even looked my best in months.

And now I don't feel so alone.

Because Tinysaur's lump hasn't gone down at all (we're 6 days into her second course of antibiotics) I have to go up to the hospital tomorrow and speak to a surgeon about surgically removing the lump which has now turned into a stone. Please pray for us - I want this all to be over soon, and I want my happy cheerful little baby girl back.


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