Thursday, May 7, 2009

And then the big brown shark came....

For those of you familiar with Eddie Murphy and Delirious, you may well have guessed where this post is going to take us.
I shall set the scene for you. Yesterday being my first day off from work I have in the week, I slept in with Tinysaur (slept in = awake and squealing at 6:30am). At about 11am we decided to have a shower. Usually I will bathe her in her changetable thingy we have but she was kinda stuffy (I think she may be getting a cold) so I decided to take her into the steamy bathroom with me.

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After quickly washing and making sure the floor wasn't too slippery, I undressed Tinysaur and carried her into the running water. Now, we BOTH love this time. It's the only real bare skin contact I have with her (as she is bottlefed), and we just stand there and cuddle with the water massaging us for a good half-hour. It is truly beautiful and a highlight of my days off.

Yesterday she was kinda windy (not out the mouth - if you get my drift). All of a sudden, all I could smell was really bad baby fart. REALLY bad. So I giggled and lifted her up so I could look in her face and poke my tongue out at her and tease her for farting. Only to discover that a little nugget had attached itself to my arm. No wonder she had been so quiet and extra cuddly.

Shock. Horror. OMG. I have been peed on, spewed on, cried on, and now POOED ON.

So where to go from here? Well - it was a fairly firm nugget (yay for Farex!!) so I'm glad it wasn't too liquid. But that left me with the method of disposal. I was NOT going to mash it down the drain. So dripping wet, juggling baby, and the aforementioned nugget I managed to put it in the bin, wrap us up warmly, and clean off poor little Tinysaurs bum. At the time, it was... unpleasant.... But now I can look back and laugh. And good news: she isn't too stuffy anymore!


  1. OMG! That is hilarious! But, um, I guess this is what I have to look forward to? Eeeeeek!