Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tinysaur is Sick!!!

I am blogging quickly while Tinysaur is resting, so excuse the rushed story! Yesterday she was a bit sick with a little cough and a runny nose - by late afternoon it had progressed and she was very upset. Last night we were up every half an hour to an hour to pat her bottom and give her lots of cuddles.
Today, though, she got worse. We took her up to our local hospital around 5:30pm tonight as she was sick all today (runny nose, coughing, general crying) but got worse after the MIL kindly took her while I had a rest.

After the quickest wait in Emergency I have ever had, the Triage nurse took us into another room and began the routine questioning. Breast or bottle fed? How many feeds today? Has she had any Panadol? Been near anyone recently with the flu? Is she usually this unsettled? (Tinysaur at this point was screaming her head off). Has she been sick lately? Just as the triage nurse asked this question, Tinysaur turned her head away from Daddysaur's shoulder and literally power-spewed all over the floor. Considering she had only had 180mLs of formula all day, it was one of the biggest spews I had ever seen her do!

We were then whisked away to another room out the back where they put the monitor on her for her pulse/oxygen levels. Her pulse and blood pressure was quite high, while the oxygen level was low enough to consider them giving her an oxygen mask. But we changed her position on Daddysaur's lap and it started to increase to a healthier level.

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After the usual temperature test, etc, the doctor then came and saw us. She looked down her throat and in her ears and soon declared that Tinysaur had a common cold coupled with a secondary bacterial infection in the middle ear. So, armed with amoxycillin we were sent home to suction out poor little Tinysaur's blocked nose with a nasal decongestant and administer Panadol (I think that's like Tylenol - for US readers).

Tinysaur is asleep now after I pestered her nose with the decongestant and gave her the amoxycillin and panadol. She is breathing so much easier, and looks so peaceful that I am sorry I did not get the decongestant earlier!! I have put her on her side, propped up with pillows (this is the only way we can get her to stay asleep for long enough) and her nightlight on. Here's hoping tonight will be a little more peaceful after last night's ordeal.


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