Wednesday, May 27, 2009

There were three in the bed.....

...and the little one said : WATCH ME ROLL OVER, MUM!!!
Tinysaur has advanced to rolling! I was watching her play under her Sesame Street toy frame the other day, when she reached out, grabbed one of the legs and pulled herself right over onto her front. She then looked up at me with the most surprised look on her face. I swear she was trying to figure out how she did it.
Now she is getting really clever about it - she pushes her toyframe away so she can roll over quicker. And Daddysaur can always tell when she has rolled on her front for most of the day because of the dribble puddles on her playmat.
I am so proud of my little bubba, and she is getting so good at it.


  1. What a great milestone! Congrats! Up next? Scooting and then crawling!

  2. Those little wet spots on the floor crack me up!

  3. The little wetspots just keep on getting bigger.... And now she gets stuck on her front and grunts for me to come roll her back over. But within seconds she's back on her tummy! lol. Its so cute.