Monday, June 22, 2009

Caution: I Move Fast

Well, thats what Tinysaur would tell me if she could. Since her first attempt at rolling, Tinysaur has gradually started perfecting the art.

Her first roll was from her back to her front, usually aided with a kick off her A-frame Sesame Street toy gym. Next, she graduated (after many days spent by me rolling her back onto her back when she decided she'd had enough of slobbering on the carpet) to rolling from her front to her back. For a while, she was quite happy just rolling and practicing.

Then yesterday, she suddenly figured out the BEST thing ever: she could roll ALL the way across the loungeroom and back again.

So that's how we all spent our time together yesterday afternoon, Daddysaur and I watching as she rolled her way over to her toybox, tipping out the contents, then back over to her mat where she then chewed on her soft books, then rolling back towards us on the lounge....

My job this week? Babyproofing the house! Time to get down on my hands and knees and crawl, crawl, crawl!!


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