Friday, July 10, 2009

Uh Oh.....

I think we're teething. And it's not just Tinysaur: the whole family is in pain. What with Little Miss Grumpy waking up every half hour to an hour for the last 3 nights and wanting to be cuddled and rocked to sleep, the routine I worked so hard at to get in place has now gone clean out the window. A week ago, I was able to put Tinysaur down in her cot when she started to show signs of tiredness and she would happily lie there until she drifted off. Now, it's a struggle to get her even IN the cot, let alone wrapped and lying there happily...

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So... these are the symptoms: grumpy, red cheeks, dribbling, chewing on EVERYTHING (I mean, everything: even the cats tail - thank God he is patient!!!), TINY lumps on her bottom gum (and I mean tiny!) and tons of crying and she just isn't herself.

Anyone out there got any tips for surviving this? And does anyone know if our routine will fall back into place or do we start from scratch?


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