Sunday, July 26, 2009

Count your Blessings...

My little tinysaur and I are at loggerheads lately - she wakes up about every hour during the night, and I can no longer put her down in the cot until she is fully asleep. The lovely routine I had established with her has gone cactus, thanks to her carer's different methods and refusal to even loosely follow my routine and methods.
Over the past two weeks which were my holidays from work, I have tried controlled comforting, introducing nightlights/toys/thumbsucking, etc. And nothing is really working. I have googled baby sleep problems that many times I think I have read nearly everything there is on separation anxiety and the like.
Today, when we were playing Tinysaur started to get a little grizzly. I stood her up on my lap, and just gave her kisses on the belly and tried to make her laugh.
Grabbing either side of my face, she pulled me towards her and proceeded to bombard me with wet, sloppy, huge kisses. At a point where I was sad and a bit bummed out she totally lifted my spirits.
Those huge sloppy kisses turned my day around, and made me step back and count my blessings, and appreciate what I have in life. I am so lucky to have my Tinysaur in life, that I shouldn't sweat the small things. And I love her more than anything in the world.

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