Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What the Hell?

When Sirensaur recently commented that there was no manual for babies - Boy, was she right. After showing such promising signs of teething, Tinysaur has returned to 'normal', and has started sleeping through the night again. WHAT THE? It's enough to make me despair!!
Advice from the MIL included stuff like
  • I wasn't giving her enough cuddles,
  • our 'routines' with her are too different (MIL cuddles her to sleep and doesn't ever let her cry - often referring to my style as baby bootcamp),
  • she is obviously hungry and I'm not feeding her enough (folks, I DO NOT starve my child...),
  • and that I should start giving her yoghurt.

What yoghurt has to do with sleeping through the night, I have no idea. And I'm not too sure if I can start giving her yoghurt yet... She's just only 6 months old! Another suggestions was to start feeding her toast... Again, I have no idea what toast will do to make her sleep through the night... Sigh....

So, I'm sticking to what I've done for the last couple of months - solids at 5:30ish, playtime til 7:30 with Mum and Dad, then a bottle, a tight wrap and into bed for Tinysaur. It has worked the past 2 nights, so I'm gonna stick with Baby Bootcamp.


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