Thursday, July 16, 2009

Round 2 - The Angry Little Monster

So last night and this morning started what I presume is Round 2 of teething. After her promising signs the other day, then no teeth arriving and her going back to 'normal' I thought I would be in the clear and have my happy baby back for a little while.

Not so.

Last night was punctuated hourly by screaming, crying, sobbing, you name it! Tinysaur even spent some time lying down in our bed with us, doing that funny hiccupy thing they do after crying. By 6am I was exhausted, but fed her a morning bottle then dozed back off.

She woke up happy enough - smiley, giggly, and wriggly. But as the morning passed (in fact - after she had been up for an hour), the terrible monster was unleashed. She wasn't happy in her highchair, on the floor, on her rocking horse, in her pram. You might laugh, but the one place I even got her to be slightly happy this morning was the 45 minutes we spent in the bath together. She managed to avoid having a nap all morning, purely by using her new talent: scratching and twisting the skin on my face. Wow. I never knew something this small could sometimes make me feel this sad.

My little monster gradually turned into a snuggly little Angel (thanks Panadol/Tylenol!!) and fell asleep at 12pm. The house is peaceful and quiet. It's nice. But the strange thing is, I kind of want her to get up and be grumpy again so I can try to figure out how to 'fix' this. Maybe this afternoon we will go for a drive in the car and find something to distract the pair of us.


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